Some recent beneficiaries of the Trust

The Centre for Theology & Community - Call to Change

Call to Change is an initiative of the Centre to equip congregations to engage with their communities in responding to the ongoing financial crisis - and to bring Christian teaching on economic justice to bear at local and national levels. With funding from the MB Reckitt Trust, the Centre is employing a worker to help churches run 'Community Conversations' in which local residents discuss the impact of the financial crisis, and ways they might work with the church to respond to it. It is also working with churches in Citizens UK to develop the alliance's campaign against exploitative lending (this was launched in the early days of the financial crisis, and is inspired by the Biblical and Qu'ranic prohibitions on usury.) [website]

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The Feast

The Feast is an innovative youth work charity based in Birmingham, helping young people of different faiths to come together to explore faith, create friendships and change lives. This funding is enabling them to respond to invitations to assist other communities around the UK to undertake similar work with their young people, who tend to live parallel lives with little interaction. Their hope is to nurture a generation of young people who have the skills and confidence to live well with people who are different to them, and make strides to build stronger and happier communities.

Sheffield District of the Methodist Church

Who Is Your Neighbour? is a new project established to learn through experience how we can enable ourselves and our communities in South Yorkshire to better engage with, understand and value our different cultures, ethnic groups and faiths, and become more resilient to racist and divisive ideologies.

The project is funded through the Sheffield Methodist District and managed by a multi-faith management committee. The project works with communities which are vulnerable to racist and divisive ideologies in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

Church Action on Poverty - Close the Gap Campaign

Funding for a resource pack and series of training workshops, designed to build a network of speakers who are equipped to mobilise churches in their communities to take action on issues of poverty and inequality.[website]

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The Parish of East Greenwich

The Revd Malcolm Torry is directing research into the work of faith communities in new housing developments in the Greenwich Peninsula and two nearby localities.

Church Action on Poverty - Voicebox

Liam Purcell, funding for Voicebox for 1 year. Voicebox collects stories from people affected by poverty and exclusion in the UK, which CAP uses in its campaigning work.

Network for Religion in Public Life

Prof. Esther Reed of the University of Exeter, a grant for support costs for Christians, Jews and Muslims to engage together in the practice of Scriptural Reasoning as part of a wider initiative on Civic Practice in the South West of England.

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