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Stonewall – ‘Christians and LGBT Equality’

Our recent grant from The MB Reckitt Trust will allow Stonewall to research, write and produce a ‘Christians and LGBT Equality’ guide.  The guide will showcase Christian support worldwide for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality.

In Britain and around the world brave LGBT people and their allies can be excluded from churches, and arguments that homosexuality is anti-Christian often help to fuel homophobia and create hostile environments for LGBT people. This guide will raise the voices of those who support LGBT equality by profiling a diverse group of Christian leaders, from a range of continents and denominations, each telling their personal story of how they reconciled their faith with their support for LGBT equality.  The guide will be distributed in Britain and worldwide to help create a greater acceptance of LGBT people in Christian communities around the world. The guide is available, entitled "Christian Role Models"