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Church Action on Poverty – Building the Good Society

  • What are the values that underpin a Good Society?
  • What kind of world do we all want to live in, five years from now?
  • How can we get there from here?
  • What changes do we need to make?

With support from Church Action on Poverty, churches and community groups across the UK are talking about what makes a Good Society – and how we can work together to make it real.

Conversations are happening in the UK’s poorest communities – places where people feel completely excluded, and have no power to influence the decisions that affect them. These workshops will inspire people to work for change, equip us to start working together and also lead to national action. The grassroots voices and visions that emerge from the workshops will lead to real action for a Good Society. In January 2016, a conference will bring together representatives from all the Good Society conversations.

From 2016, Church Action on Poverty’s projects and campaigns will mobilise supporters, and use the organisation’s contacts, skills and expertise, to share and make real the vision of a Good Society that emerges from this process. Discussions are already taking place with funders and power-holders about the possibility of creating a Good Society Commission, through which people with experience of poverty would work directly alongside people from some of the UK’s most powerful institutions to build the Good Society. 

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