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Irish School of Ecumenics

Dr Cecelia Clegg and Joseph Liechty[website]


Funding for Moving Beyond Sectarianism Project, Belfast, Phase 1, 1994–98 and Phase 2, 1998–2000. This is a programme of research, communicating results and making practical applications. The purpose has been ‘to understand sectarianism and to transform it’. This project was also funded by the European Union Special Support Project for Northern Ireland, the Irish Council of Churches, the Coventry Cathedral Trust and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. An account of the work and its results can be found in Liechty and Clegg, Moving Beyond Sectarianism: Religion, Conflict, and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland (Dublin, Columba Press, 2001).

This project led to three further ISE initiatives which develop insights from MBS:

The development of an MPhil in Reconciliation Studies, Trinity College, Dublin and taught as a cross-border course, with the main campus in Belfast. Launched in 2002, current teaching staff include: Dr David Tombs (co-ordinator) and Dr Cecelia Clegg.

A 3-year project: Sustained Education Encouraging Diversity (SEED), 2004-2007, aimed at mainstreaming education for diversity in schools. Funded by the Department of Education Northern Ireland (DENI), and led by Yvonne Naylor (ISE), the project works in partnership with the Education and Library Boards (ELBs), other NGOs and participating schools, to audit existing Community Relations (CR) provision, provide training and produce creative methodologies and resources for diversity and inclusion.

A 3-year project: ‘Partners in Transformation’ (2001-2004) to help senior church leaders in Ireland to mainstream peacemaking and moving beyond sectarianism in church life. This project was funded by Atlantic Philanthropies and led by Dr Cecelia Clegg (ISE) and Revd Doug Baker (Mediation Northern Ireland).