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The Christian Muslim Forum

Julian Bond

We are very grateful for the MB Reckitt Trust's support of our Youth programme.


The Christian Muslim Forum is a joint venture between Christians and Muslims. Our members come from different traditions within each faith Catholic and Protestant, Sunni and Shi'a. We are independently constituted, although some members have official positions in their own traditions or belong to other organizations. Our Founding Patron is the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Forum has eight Presidents who are representative religious leaders and twelve Specialists who take a lead on initiatives in six project areas:

  • Community and Public Affairs
  • Education
  • Family
  • International Issues
  • Media
  • Youth
  • Our Vision

Our vision is to develop relationships and joint working between Christians and Muslims at a national level in order to enhance mutual understanding and make a joint contribution to the common good in our plural society. We are seeking to implement this vision through a series of projects enabling Christians and Muslims to engage with each other in dialogue, sharing of best practice, and enabling both communities to learn about and understand each other. Our main work areas are focused on youth, media engagement and education. We are also developing an ongoing programme bringing together imams and Christian ministers.

Support from the MB Reckitt Trust

We are very grateful for the MB Reckitt Trust's support of our Youth programme. Some of our Youth projects are:

  • OurLives photographic project – The aim of the OurLives project is simply to enable young Christians and Muslims to use photography as a basis to explore their own identity. Equal numbers of young Christians and Muslims took photographs of their lives with mobile phone, or digital, cameras during Summer 2006 for posting on our website during late 2006.
  • Youth Leaders' conference, February 2006 – the theme of this conference is ‘Getting Engaged ...’ and focuses on:
  • With each other: Being youth workers of faith, what do we share, what makes us distinctive?
  • With young people: How do we help them live out their faith in diverse communities?
  • With communities: How can our work impact wider communities?
  • A series of dialogue encounters between Christians and Muslims in Bradford
  • An interactive event at Greenbelt in August 2007