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TOGETHER FOR THE COMMON GOOD - Common Good Conversations: a pilot event on ‘Home’

Together for the Common Good encourages Christians of different denominations to work together, along with other faith traditions and secular allies to become agents of change for the Common Good.

Funding has been provided by MB Reckitt Trust to develop a new ‘Common Good Conversation’ model. It will equip participants to challenge the polarisation in public discourse and replace it with a ‘language of hope’. We believe that ‘Common Good’ thinking will help and we want to provide opportunities for ordinary people to See, hear and practise a language of hope, in order to equip them to apply it in their own contexts.  The pilot will focus on the very human topic of 'Home' (housing, property and homelessness).  The event will see people of different circumstances and estranged positions come together to encounter one another’s perspectives. The conversations will be firmly guided by professional facilitators using the principles of Catholic social thought. Participants will practise this language of hope together in a structured, safe environment, and identify solutions to answer the question: ‘how can we move forward together to get from where we are now to where we want to be, where all can flourish?’ 

It is our aim that the model will be replicated by participants in their own contexts, on topics that are of importance to them, in order to challenge apathy, stimulate action and build up positive responsibility in civil society.  

For further information please see: [website]

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