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St Thomas' Clapton Common - Food for Thought

Food for Thought at its simplest level is a project to help people cook healthy and nutritious meals on a small budget. Diet is a major contributor to poor health and processed food is often more costly than food prepared and cooked at home. "Food for Thought" will trial an effective working model and then share the successful practices with other churches and institutions that may be interested in running such a programme.

"Food for Thought" also aims to bring people together around shared food in order to celebrate a common life and to empower individuals and communities to recognise the structural problems that maintain poverty and ill-health. The theological impetus behind "Food for Thought" is Eucharistic and, in this sense, it is both a celebration of the resources we already enjoy as well as a re-imagination of what may be possible. [website]

The report of the project can be found on this link

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