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The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility

The Ethical Money Churches (EMC) project will build a community of people in UK churches who are seeking to fulfil their Christian stewardship and ownership responsibilities with regard to the money, savings and assets that are used either by them as individuals and/or on their behalf as members of church denominations. The project will harbour and generate grassroots involvement through training and development of materials and support networks to help faith communities understand the issues and develop appropriate responses and practical action as a vital part of their discipleship and mission.

A supportive and interactive relationship with the pilot communities will be developed to help them chart their own pathway to becoming an Ethical Money Church (EMC). This will also ensure that sometimes difficult and complex issues can be fully explored and appropriate responses developed as well as the learning and action to be effectively captured and lead beyond the initial project period to a much wider roll-out across the churches. [website]