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The Feast – 'Game Changers' Project


The Feast is a unique and innovative, Christian, youth work charity, that has been bringing young people of different faiths and cultures together since 2009 in Birmingham, Bradford, Luton and London. The Feast seeks to transform young people and communities of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds by affirming the positive role faith has in shaping their identity, and equipping them to find new ways to live well with people who are different to them. 

The M.B. Reckitt Trust grant will allow The Feast to measure the impact and demonstrate the worth of its ‘Game Changers’ project with the view that it can hopefully be shared and replicated across the UK. This project specifically focuses on young people in some of the most challenging and socially-divided, urban locations. The project integrates The Feast’s three flagship programmes; Developing Identity, Youth Encounters and Local Youth Leadership to support core groups of young people (11-18 years), who are initially resistant to interacting with those different from themselves and helping them become 'Game Changers' in their various communities. By working through the levels of personal resilience (Developing Identity), interpersonal peace (Youth Encounters) and community resilience (Local Youth Leadership), the young people will be supported to model how to live well with different neighbours, thereby challenging the often-dominant narrative of intolerance and divisiveness in those neighbourhoods. For news and updates please see the website.