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Article 26, a Project of the Helena Kennedy Foundation - Qualifying Opportunities & Quantifying Demand

"Since 2005, the Article 26 project has been at the forefront of a campaign to support the access, participation and success in higher education (HE) for people who have fled persecution and sought asylum in the UK. These students face multiple challenges accessing HE, including financial barriers (many people are not entitled to student finance), navigating the HE applications system, meeting the language requirements, trying to ensure prior qualifications and experience gained outside of the UK are recognised by universities, as well as dealing with the wider health and social consequences of displacement. 

Article 26 works with universities across the UK to create, establish and sustain scholarships for people who have sought asylum. The aim of the 'Qualifying Opportunities & Quantifying Demand' project, is to return to the roots of the project and the opportunities, which were initially created within faith based higher education institutions. Qualitative research methods will be used to map the inception, development and significant growth of scholarships for these students across the UK and explore the commitment and potential threats to their continuity. The quantifying aspect of this work will endeavour to establish the extent of the demand for these scholarships across the UK, challenges in collecting and collating existing data and develop an alternative methodology to record this information in the future." For further information, please see our website.