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JustMoney Movement - Money Makes Change Project

The banking system underpins the global economy. Banks make loans and investments, and the way this money is used has consequences. Our current system doesn’t enable people and planet to flourish. 

JustMoney Movement’s Money Makes Change (MMC) programme educates and equips Christians and local churches to live out their faith and witness to shape a fairer, more sustainable economy, through how they bank, save, invest and spend money. With the support of MB Reckitt we will be able to develop the diversity of the programme, in particular to expand the reach and depth of our ethical finance education and action work with Black Majority Churches in the UK. This will enable more Christians from Black communities, many of whom are more financially marginalised than other ethnic groups, to know how their financial decisions can contribute to a fairer, more sustainable world, and to become aware of more inclusive, ethical actors in the finance sector such as credit unions. 

Working with and under the guidance of a group of Black Majority Church leaders, we will create tailored MMC resources in terms of language, cultural appropriateness, theological relevance, and practical specificity, and test these with local MMC ‘Champions’ who will be identified and supported to use such resources with their congregations and communities.