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Who is Your Neighbour?

Who Is Your Neighbour? (WIYN) holds conversations in which people are able to speak openly about issues like immigration, ethnicity, and people who are ‘not like us’. Most of these are in white communities where there isn’t a lot of day to day contact with people who are ‘not like us’ but where there might be worry about unsettling change.

In these conversations, people are taken seriously and their experience is valued which allows for openness, curiosity about others and questioning consensuses.

Our group of dialogue facilitators all have many years’ experience of working with conversations about hard things.  The facilitators share and pool their learning and experience and this develops and builds how we work.

WIYN was set up in 2010 in South Yorkshire, where most of our work has taken place.  We have developed our learning and experience during the last ten years and are keen to share it in ways that are useful.  To increase the impact of our work, we will begin working in partnership in 2022 with three national organisations, the Local Government Association, the Housing Diversity Network and Methodist Church Regional Learning Networks to embed our learning in their work and that of their member or partner organisations.

You can contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.