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Together Free

Modern slavery ranks as the second most profitable worldwide criminal enterprise after the illegal arms trade. There are an estimated 40.3 million people kept in modern slavery in the world with 136,000 of those estimated to be in the United Kingdom (Global Slavery Index). With churches and faith groups increasingly encountering victims of modern slavery through their grassroots work with the homeless and other vulnerable people, there is the question of how we can respond? There is consequently a need to explore and develop theological and practical responses to the exploitation occurring on our doorstep.

The Together Free Foundation serves communities and faith groups in helping them partner towards slavery-free communities. This is done through training, developing resources and practical action. In partnership with the MB Reckitt Trust and their grant, The Together Free Foundation will develop an academic research paper exploring faith and grassroots responses to modern slavery. Two articles for wider readership will accompany the academic paper in order to encourage faith in action through responding to local forms of modern slavery and human trafficking. For further information about Together Free refer to

The research funded by the M B Reckitt Trust is completed and has been published in the journal Practical Theology. It is free for access on: Alternatively it can be accessed on the Together Free Website